Smokable Herbs for Sleep, Focus, Stress
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Smokable Herbs for Sleep, Focus, Stress

Smokable Herbs for Sleep, Focus, Stress: 12 Smokable Herbs To Try In 2024

Expand the therapeutic benefits of your smoking ritual by integrating some smokable herbs into your smoking sessions!

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Many people are already familiar with the benefits of drinking herbal tea and using essential oils.

Adding smokable herbs into your holistic practice is a great way to enhance nature’s gift of benefits to mankind through the use of these natural beauties. The practice of lighting up smokable herbs dates back centuries, and there are countless medicinal benefits that go along with the ritual.

What herbs can you smoke?.. Is It Safe?

Before smoking any new substances, it’s good to know what is and isn’t considered safe!

There are a number of healthy herbs that are safe to smoke.

But just like everything else in nature – not all herbs are safe! So, make sure you do your research and purchase your dried herbs from a trusted herbalist.

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The Risks of Smokable Herbs

There are some risks associated with smoking herbs that are good to be aware of.

However, smoking certain herbs can help promote a healthy throat and respiratory system.

Not All Herbs Are Smokable

While there are a number of wonderful smokable herb options, you don’t want to just light up any herb!

Make sure you do your research and buy your herbs from a trusted herbalist.

Health Risks Associated With Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking itself isn’t the healthiest habit. It’s always good to be mindful of your smoking habits and set yourself up for a healthy practice. With a safe smoking practice, incorporating smokable herbs can help improve your health and mental state of being.

Just like with tobacco and cannabis, when you smoke smokable herbs, you are also inhaling the tar and resin from the plant.

This is damaging to your mouth, throat and lungs.

Find yourself a health-conscious smoking option, like a pipe with a good filter system to help purify the smoke on your inhale and provide some relief to your respiratory system.

If you want to try and further mitigate any health risks of smoking herbs, try to find some high-quality, organic herb options with your herbalist.

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Popular & Safe Smokable Herbs

Popular & Safe Smokable Herbs


So, what herbs can you smoke? Here’s a list of our top ten favorite herbs that are safe to smoke.




Calendula, also known as the marigold flower, is a supportive herb that is known for its citrusy terpenes.

Adding calendula to your herbal joints will help to soothe your lungs during your hits, while also providing a floral and citrusy taste. This is something your tastebuds, throat and lungs will all enjoy.

Calendula acts as a mood enhancer, leaving users feeling happy and elated.

It is also a good herb to smoke before bed, as users report having vivid and lucid dreams after smoking.

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Damania has a strong reputation as being an aphrodisiac.

Its flavor resembles that of cannabis, making it good to use either as a base herb or as a supportive herb. (More details on the creative process of selecting base, supportive and flavoring herbs below!)

It should come as no surprise that this little love herb will also help to enhance your mood and ease your stress, leading you into a blissful and relaxed state of mind.




Smoking lavender is a good option if you are looking to add a flavoring herb to your blend.

Its sweet flavor and aroma help to offset any harshness in taste or scents you might experience with other herbs.

Thanks to its terpene linalool, lavender will help to act as a relaxing agent in your herbal smoking blend.

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Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root


When considering which herbs to smoke, incorporating the base and flavoring herb marshmallow root into your blend is a good way to help smooth out any potential harshness of your hits.

In fact, smoking marshmallow root is believed to help with sore throats and coughs, since its soothing smoke helps to moisturize respiratory tracts.

This sweet and flavorful herb is also a bit psychoactive, making it a good choice if you are looking for a non-cannabis herb to give you a light buzz.




Mugwort is a good base herb to incorporate into your herbal blend, since its smooth and light smoke will help mellow out any harshness to your throat and lungs on your inhale.

It is best known as being a dream herb, providing users with lucid, colorful dreams that are easier to recall after awakening.

Mugwort also acts as a relaxing agent, helping you to find peace in both your body and mind.

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Mullein is a great option as a base herb for your blend.

It is slow and steady on the burn, and its light smoke is practically devoid of any flavor.

Mullein is also a great smokable herb to incorporate into your rituals if you are experiencing any respiratory issues.

This smokable herb acts as an expectorant, helping to fight any congestion you may be feeling in your lungs.




It should come as no surprise that peppermint’s flavorful minty taste makes it a great flavoring herb for your blend.

When you smoke peppermint, you’ll notice a sweetly scented smoke on your exhale that will leave a nice and cool aftertaste lingering on your tastebuds.

Peppermint is believed to help cleanse your respiratory system while also improving your blood circulation and relaxing your mind.

(Spearmint is also a good, similar option if your herbalist has that instead of peppermint!)

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry Leaf


Red raspberry leaf is packed with medicinal compounds, making this herb a smokable version of your supplement cabinet!

It contains both vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Red raspberry leaf also contains flavonoids, tannins and ellagic acid, meaning it also has some antioxidant benefits.

Red raspberry leaf is well known for its benefits in supporting female reproductive health.

It has a subtle fruity taste and is a great option as a base herb for your blend.

Rose Petal

Rose Petal


Rose petal is a good flavoring herb to blend into your mix if you are looking to incorporate a smokable herb that will have uplifting side effects.

You’ll notice its sweet flavor on the inhale, followed by a release of its soothing and flowery aroma on the exhale.

Rose petal is known for eliciting a blissful peace in its users, with some even classifying this smokable herb as an aphrodisiac.

White Sage

White Sage


You may be familiar with white sage from its use in smudge sticks.

This spatially cleansing herb is also a good smokable herb to help cleanse your personal vibes.

It is described as having a strong herbal flavor, which leads some to use it in a smaller portion as a flavoring herb.

Others use white sage as either a base or supportive herb, thanks to its fluffy texture, smooth smoke and slow burn.

White sage is a good choice to add to your smokable herb blend if you want to give yourself a nice and relaxing mood enhancer.

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus


Blue Lotus, a flower revered in ancient cultures for its soothing properties, offers a unique smoking experience. When smoked, it is believed to induce a state of relaxation and mild euphoria, often described as dreamy.

The properties of Blue Lotus may also enhance spiritual connections and meditation.

This herb is celebrated for its potential benefits in improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety, making it a fascinating addition to the repertoire of smokable herbs for those seeking both recreational and therapeutic effects.




Chamomile, when smoked, is renowned for its calming and soothing properties, making it an excellent herb for relaxation and stress relief. Its gentle, floral essence provides a tranquil smoking experience.

Chamomile is also noted for aiding in digestion and improving sleep quality, making it a popular choice for those seeking a natural way to unwind and promote overall well-being. Its mild flavor and therapeutic benefits make it a favored herb to smoke alone or blended with other herbs for enhanced effects.




Smoking Chrysanthemum is known for its cooling and soothing properties, offering a unique aromatic experience with floral undertones.

This herb is cherished for its potential to clear the head and soothe the throat, making it a favored choice among smokable herbs for its healthful benefits and gentle, refreshing flavor.

Chrysanthemum is also appreciated for its contribution to relaxation and mental clarity, providing a serene smoking experience ideal for unwinding

Different Ways To Smoke Herbs

Now that you have an idea of which herbs you want to smoke, check out these options for different ways to smoke them!

Herbal Spliff

Herbal Spliff

Herbal spliffs are a good way to go if you want to mix a nice joint-sized blend of herbs and bud.

A traditional spliff consists of mixing half weed and half tobacco and rolling the blend together in a joint.

The herbal spliff is the same concept, but instead of using tobacco, you would use your desired smokable herb blend.

Using the DART Pipe

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and convenient way to smoke herbs, consider using a DART pipe. These pipes are simple to load and ash, and they provide a smooth smoke experience.

With a DART pipe, you have the option to smoke your herbal blend on its own or mix it with cannabis. Not only are they a great choice if you don’t want to roll a full spliff or herbal cigarette, but they also offer the flexibility to mix and match your herbs as you smoke.

So if you want a convenient and enjoyable way to smoke herbs, give DART pipes a try!

Herbal Cigarettes

Looking to break your addictive tobacco habit? Try smoking an herbal cigarette!

Herbal cigarettes are typically made up solely of tobacco-free herbal blends. However, some pre-rolled options may contain tobacco (so make sure to look at the label before you light up!).

You can also roll your own herbal cigarettes, giving you the option to play around with different herbal blends.

How To Create The Perfect Herbal Smoking Blend

And now for the creative part of your smokable herb journey – creating your own blends!

Before we get started – we need to know a few things:

You might be wondering what base, supportive and flavoring herbs are!

Well, it’s pretty simple.

Base herbs

Base herbs are going to make up the lion’s share of your blend. These herbs are focused on providing a slow burn and smoother smoking experience without having an overwhelming flavor or aroma.

If you see an herb described as being fluffy, light or smooth, then chances are high that you are looking at a base herb.

Supportive herbs

Supportive herbs make up the next largest portion. Their primary purpose is to set the tone of your blend. This is where you’ll really focus on those attributes of whether an herb will enhance your dreams, your moods, your lungs, etc.

Flavoring herbs

Flavoring herbs get the smallest share, providing that extra flavor boost to make your blend more tasty and enjoyable.

Follow these three easy steps, and you’ll find your way to your own perfect herbal smoking blend in no time.

1 – Get Organized

Alright, so this step may seem a bit daunting at first, but your future self will be thanking you later!

Whether you have a stockpile of smokable herbs already at home or you are about to go buy some, the first thing you will want to do with all your herbal options is to get organized.

Each herb is going to serve a specific purpose (or more!) in your blend.

You’ll want to make sure you have a good understanding of what role each herb will play in your herbal blends (i.e. as a base herb, supportive herb or flavoring herb) as well as knowing each herb’s added benefits.

Have a dream herb? Label it as such.

Is that herb going to help you relax? Make a note.

Will that herb provide a physical benefit to your body? Mark that down.

Now pull out your notebook, spreadsheet or herb labels and get your herbs in order!

2 – Choose Your Herbs

Since you have your herbs organized, choosing the right ones for your first blend will be a piece of cake.

The first thing you should do before picking your herbs is to set your intention for your blend.

Decide if you want a blend focused on helping you relax or maybe you want one to help remedy a respiratory issue. Remember, you’ll be focusing your supportive herb on whatever your blend’s intention is.

Once you have your intention set, go ahead and start choosing your herbs.

Pick your base herb, followed by your supportive herb, then top it off with a nice, complimenting flavor herb.

If you’re thinking of mixing your herbal blend in with a little bud, you could even consider using your cannabis as your base!

3 – Blend Them Together

And now you blend!

A good ratio rule of thumb is 4:2:1.

Base herbs are typically around 4 parts, supportive herbs around 2 parts and flavoring herbs for just 1 part.

Have fun with it, though, and get creative! These ratios are good guidelines, but you don’t need to be strict with them.

Play around with what works best for you, this is your blend, after all!

For your first few times blending your own smokable herbs, I recommend doing small batches and smoking with one of the DART pipes.

This method is a good way to learn your herbs and what you like versus don’t like without over-committing to a large batch or full spliff or herbal cigarette.

And that’s it! Now you are ready to create your own herbal smoking blend!

10 Benefits of Smokable Herbs

10 Benefits of Smokable Herbs


There are numerous benefits of adding smokable herbs to your smoking rituals.

Cut Your Cannabis Dose

Blending in smokable herbs with your ground up cannabis flower is a great way to reduce the dose of your dank and delicious bud.

You can cut your cannabis down to your own personal preference, giving you the option to do a partial-dose or even a microdose.

Not only does this help you manage your THC intake on your hits, it also gives you the opportunity to add in complimentary benefits to your high.

Curb Tobacco Addiction

Curb Tobacco Addiction


Smoking herbal cigarettes is a great way to help curb tobacco use.

Rolling your own herbal cigarette is a non-addictive and tobacco-free way of maintaining your smoking ritual without ingesting all the chemicals, additives and addictive properties that come with smoking a pack of cigarettes.

Not ready to just go cold turkey? That’s okay!

Roll yourself an herbal cigarette and mix in some tobacco, then start weaning yourself off.

Another added benefit of smoking herbal cigarettes over traditional cigarettes is the delightful taste and scent.

Instead of reeking of cigarette smoke after you take your drags, you’ll smell of delicious herbs!

No need to keep that air freshener, gum or perfume/cologne around when you are smoking herbal cigarettes.

Mood Enhancer

A good amount of our favorite smokable herbs act as mood enhancers, helping to brighten your day!

Calendula, Tasmania, rose petal and white sage will all help you add a little extra pep to your step!


Smoking damania, lavender and mugwort will help you add a little more zen to your day.

These herbs are great at helping you to find your chill and unwind, helping your stresses fade away with their smoke and leaving you with a happier nervous system!

Enhanced Dreams

Two of our favorite dream herbs are calendula and mugwort.

If you smoke these herbs before bedtime, you’ll experience vivid and lucid dreams that will be packed with color.


Looking to light up a little love?

Both damania and rose petals have such specific mood-enhancing qualities that they act as aphrodisiacs when smoked.

Relieve Sore Throat

Some smokable herbs provide great relief for sore throats.

Marshmallow root’s smooth and soothing smoke can help relieve the discomfort that comes with having a scratchy and sore throat.

Improve Respiratory System

It might seem surprising to hear that smoking certain herbs can actually help improve your respiratory system, but mullein and peppermint help do just that!

Mullein doubles as an expectorant and helps to break up chest congestion, and peppermint helps to cleanse your respiratory system.

Promote a Healthy Female Reproductive System

Red raspberry leaf is well known for promoting a healthy female reproductive system.

It aids in uterine health, relieves PMS systems and menstrual cramps, and even helps to regularize periods.

Deliver Medicinal Compounds

Some smokable herbs even deliver a number of medicinal compounds to your body when you smoke them!

Red raspberry leaf is one of these compound carriers. It is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

The History of Smoking Herbs

When you light up your herbs, take a moment to revel in your participation in a ritual that dates back for centuries across a wide span of cultures from around the world.

The practice of smoking herbs, including tobacco and cannabis, dates back centuries.

Cultures around the world have – and still do – participated in this ritualistic practice, from ancient Greece to ancient Egypt, from the traditional healers in India to Chinese medicine, from shamans to Native Americans to other indigenous people.

Some cultures use smoking herbs as a means of physical healing.

Others, like the traditional Indian healer practice of Ayurveda, smoke herbs as a way of connecting to one’s prana, or life force, while experiencing deep healing of both the body and soul.

Smoking herbs is seen by some as a way of cleansing the spirit and finding greater connectivity with the earth and the universe.

So, while you are mixing your herbal blend and taking your meaningful tokes, know that you are furthering a long-lasting practice of our people and making it your own!

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